Friday, June 26, 2009

Trading List Final Update w/o 6/22/09

Final Thoughts/Results for the Week:

APA High $74.01 Low $70.33 Last $72.22
Although not hitting target, it was a gainer on Wednesday and again on Thursday if played at the open. Short signal did not trigger.
APOL High $68.25 Low $63.59 Last $68.50
Triggered short shortly after open on Monday and hit target midday. It also gave short entry on Wednesday at open and hit $64 target shortly thereafter.
VNO High $44.79 Low $41.78 Last $44.56
Worked as a short below the $44 hitting the target 2 days in a row. It never triggered the call for long.
SOHU High $67.18 Low $60.33 Last $67.73
Added on Tuesday triggered long rolled over at 62.27; target hit on Wednesday with continued gains through Friday.
POT High $95.35 Low $87.20 Last $93.09
Targets hit both Monday and Wednesday in a tight trading range, Pot will most likely give better moves going forward.
PTR High $111.61 Low $103.40 Last $110.98
Opened with a gap up at $107.54 it made a high near the 2nd target; gave a several point gain opportunity of Thursday.
NFLX High $42.68 Low $39.02 Last $40.37
Played well on short both Monday and Friday, $43 seems a difficult point for it but it's not ready to drop to the low side. We'll watch for channel plays next week

All in all a careful week with good gains despite the FOMC and other reports.
Next week will be beginning of summer holiday time and we'll probably have slow trading as on Friday, with many people taking the week off and the closing of the quarter on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, and Remember a Time with Michael Jackson.

As always,

Week History Below

6/26/07 18:12 ET Nice ride down on NFLX today that was only call
06/26 12:59et NFLX could breakout or bdownn here. Long above 42.82 to 43.30 area then possibly 44. Has support at 42.07 so Short below 42.00 target 40 area.

No calls or posting

Due to FOMC meeting and announcement it's advised to be extreemly cautious. Expect volatile moves especially just before and after the announcement. Best to be in cash from daytrades. Let market settle before continuing trades. Don't trade at all if uncertain of signals.
6/24: 01:00 APA I like long here to retrace the gap to about $75; pop above? the 200 dma will be troublesome and the breakdown of $70 to retrace all the way to $62 is on the watch.
6/24 00:30 PTR double bottom and 50dma support for a possible bull move back to $107 to $110 area. For confirmation check premarket and opening momentum. Long above 105.50 to targets. stop 104.14. Short below the 50dma 104. to targets 101 and lower with retrace to $95 area.
6/24 00:54 POT in a quandary, pinned to the dollar? Bouncing on good treasury news and major support 2 days in a row, what's next? FOMC watch is on and will influence. There's a tempting gap up there above the 100 and POT has been known to travel fast, but I'd first watch the 50dma to see if perks up the trend. Again, short below $90 to about $87 breaking below to $85 to $79 on further downtrend. Long above $93 to $95 to $97 and higher on momentum.

6/23/09 12:57 SOHU Long above 62.14 stop 60.90 target $64 Short below $60.90 target $60 then $59, $57.50

6/22 16:30 PostMarket Update: POT very tight range until amost the end but remember POT had lost almost 30 pts prior to today. Market caught up. Still it yielded a couple of points from $90. APOL short $66 target #1 hit $64 before it reversed. NFLX retraced to $40 from $41.35 at open. Good for a point+. It has not filled the daily gap low. VNO opened in the channel but could not hit $45 and therefore short presented itself at $44 yielded a couple of points when end of day it finally hit the $42 I've been targeting for a while. Hang in there it's going to be a bumpy ride!! Anni

Weekend for week of 6/22/09
6/22/09 03:15 APOL If rhythm continues, this touching the 200 will reverse toward the $64 and $62 areas
6/22/09 04:00 NFLX look to retrace to $40 if it breaks below it could fill the gap. 50dma keeping lid on long will be called above the $42 to $44 area.
6/22/09 03;30 POT looks ripe for a pause being supported at the 200dma and may bounce between the 50 & 200 . 200 tends to be the stronger support and breaking that, it's on the way to $80. on a bounce look to fill the gap. Dollar and treasury auction will impact. Depending on open,, look to drop and test the 200 then depending on momentum look to short below the 200dma $90 , Long above $94 to about $97 +.
6/22 03:20 VNO Back into the channel, VNO seems ready for another run but the 50dma seems to cap it. Watch long the $46.80 area, if it breaks above to $47, $48 again is plausible. Wait for direction. Short below $44 to lower range. Housing and Fed news will effect this.

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