Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Daily Note - Time To Grow

When I started writing this blog, I knew that I wanted to incorporate writing about life with trading because in my opinion it's impossible to separate the two. Some people think that one can leave their job at the "office" and leave their "living" at home, or that they can separate out their daily events from influencing their outlook on the markets. Personality influences trading as does life, and living. If it did not, all of us would find it easy to hit buy/sell buttons all day long, without emotion. Would victory be as sweet if we did? Would the losses be as wrenching? And would we learn from them as much?

It's true that you may be in denial, and if so, learning from bad/good trades would not penetrate very easily, but I believe that with each punch, you are bound to chip away at any obstacle and take steps to grow. How much you learn and how fast you learn it, totally depends on you and your "teacher". Whether doing reading, taking seminars or learning from a mentor the importance is knowing which method works best for you. Engaging in all methods is a good way to find out what you area missing, or what you may have missed.

Another good idea is to discuss your day and your trades with people also doing the same work. Being with a group assists in seeing, thinking and grounding provided ego does not interfere. If you can be open minded, it is one of the best ways to learn especially if you surround yourself with traders more experienced than you. It avoids boredom and creates more interesting challenges to propel your learning.

Growth never comes without overcoming resistance; but you know that just from studying charts.. right?

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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