Monday, March 8, 2010

The Daily Note - Mood Swings

There are times when I get out of the mood for trading. Don't you? I question myself mostly on those days, not so much about whether it is something I want to do but, more about what I see that gets me into the mood of not wishing to partake in trading.

More often than not, it's when the tables turn and I am not at one with what I see. The continuing unexpected market moves upward are very much at odds with what I see. Intellectually it is challenging to accept what "is" when obvious manipulation is going on around us.

So then what, you may ask, do you do? Do you just stay with the feeling, let it set you aside or do you rise above it? Perhaps rising above is not the right expression or direction. It is more like the Chinese expression of learning to bend; to be like the reed and not be a tree. Laying it aside a while, or, perhaps there is another way of leaning.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time away from and off trading when one cannot go along with what is. There is also nothing wrong with training yourself for a shorter trade. The comfort zone being challenged with a longer stay is what I notice more. So the acceptance of what "is" becomes easier when being at odds lasts a shorter time. Try it next time when your think things should be down yet they are going up.. or visa-versa. Rather than watch an opportunity go without your participation, enter it for a taste and make it a winner day anyway, allowing for the mood swing. It is by no accident that our mood changes with a winning trade, allowing us to accept what "is" more easily.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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