Monday, March 22, 2010

The Daily Note - Live and Let Die

I wonder how many dreams were smashed yesterday? How many people will have to pay for the dreams of a few? What the world learned for 75 years and thought finally at an end, gets reborn with hunger for new victims to teach that means to an end will come to their end.

At least four years of taxation, rationalization and continued eradication of what was promised, and in the end will be totally unrecognizable as the original. Most will forget by then what it was to be, even if they would read the unknown number of mind-numbing pages. Yet, a "health care" it will be. But you dare not ask whose health will it be that they deem to be saved and who will be let to die. Why you ask?

First do the math, you'll find that the money you follow is your own and it will lead your loved ones to the grave. The "baby boomers" come of age and start "collecting" from a bankrupt Social Security system and a bankrupt medicare system which they supported since 1968; add the fact that we still have and will have a high number of unemployed who are not going to contribute much to the coffers of either Social Security nor Medicare. What choices will there be left? Will they save or let die your parents, grandparents, or "too ill to saved" children or friends. All in order to save money; how much are you willing to pay for their private (black market) health care as the public option will be refused?

As I said, do the math, look at the timing then and only then, follow the money; only this time, start at the top not in the middle. Quit blaming Wall St., the Companies, or the rich, and finally, quit letting your Washington politicians off the hook.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how all this will effect the markets
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