Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Daily Note - Forgive Us Our Sins

Why is it that CEOs and board members getting paid per contract and receiving bonuses are bad for earning too much and the Presidents their Cabinets, Congressional members getting paid and receiving perks in the same millions are not? Why is it that the spending of ones private dollars is scrutinized by all the media with endless private affair reporting but the spending of the public dollars is not?

Why is it okay that Public officials can splurge on parties, booze, private Air Force Jet rides, family outings across the globe and the like without accountability, but we hate the CEO who holds a toga party on the Isle of Capri, or spends public dollars in Vegas? Which all leads to: Why is it that we forgive our elected officials for spending our money greedily and foolishly, yet we don't forgive our investment banker for doing the same?

Trust is not the issue here, because supposedly we trust them both with our affairs and our safety; and if anyone thinks it has to do with closeness, that too is proven incorrect because most people really don't keep a close eye on their investments just like they don't keep a close eye on their tax dollars.

Often we use forgiving phrases that refer to our elected officials as being human, yet condemn the officials of banks as evil for the same acts. Perhaps it's because we have given up on what we cannot control: the politicians; but then why do we think we can control the CEOs?

I submit to you that what we forgive in ourselves is what we are ready to forgive in others and what we can't forgive in ourselves is what we see in others to hate. Therefore...,

Those of us who forgive our officials for being frivolous with tax revenues and greedy for more, may need to check how freely we are willing to spend other peoples money and how we hate to lose our own.

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