Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Daily Note - Let Me Escape

Just keep on trading I tell myself. You know that the change will take some time and you can trade because the market won't really reflect what is happening. It can't. It's impossible until the day when the shut down and shut out occurs.

Wall Street is being regulated as I write this. The plan is in the works. I don't know the details, I doubt if anyone other than the witches do. It will probably be unchallenged because most people have already been indoctrinated with the notion that all that ails us is directly the fault of the greedy Wall Street people and companies. Unfortunately most believe it, because education has seen to it, and too many people do not have an ounce of understanding about how free markets work.

There is some rumors floating out there but not much, and the news will focus mainly on the immigration fix because according to this administration, everything needs fixing and fixing fast. Immigration is a bigger power keg so it will be the next banner on the news media while the Wall St. regulation slips through without a whimper.

The taxation of each trading transaction. It is already a part of the Health Care bill, but the regulations will make it more secure. Also in that wonderful HCR bill is the Medicare tax on all capital gains. Including your home.

I'm getting depressed so , more on taxes later; I need to escape!

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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