Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Daily Note - ClimateGate

Cold nights, warm hearts? Copenhagen I think is not so warm tonight. I heard/saw someone say/type that those that don't believe in global warming are like those who believe that the earth is flat. If I could only hear one scientist deeply involved with this Climate Gate cover up or one great celebrity who was so convinced that we will sink into the ocean by now, say very simply but loudly: "sorry I was wrong" , I would have some hope but I won't hold out hope that I will.

There is no greater greed than that of a government getting victory through self -righteousness. In Copenhagen, there may be many of them. Those that ride the wave of glory with ill gotten wealth from corrupt governments, will only get more wealth by keeping mum. After all, the likes of programs such as "food for oil" will only get them more of what they think they deserve. Through their self-righteous victory they actually believe that they are right, hence they can make a stupid statement such as above. I think the only justice that would serve well here would be the arrival of the ice age, which is NOT caused by greenhouse gases, but knowing the scientists on board of this scam, somehow they'd make it fit.

Speaking of the ice age, it sure feels like it has arrived here. 20F tonight snow like this in SF Bay Area not seen since mid 1970's. Isn't that when they were talking of the coming ice age?

Cycles, patterns that repeat. in nature, life and the markets. So, let's take on some solar and the color of the sun.. gold

FSLR from last week kept on working Monday let's see if it will continue through today as said then, this gap fill will take stages: Long above $136 -$136.60 to near $139, $141, $143 then $145 areas. Short below $133.50 to near $131-$130.


GLD Long above 114 to near $116 could break toward $118. Short below $112.40 to about $110.


ICE Short below $103.40 to below $102 -$101. Long above $105 to about $107 area .

After ice we need a little:
HEAT Long above $15.30 to near $16.30 and possible new highs. Short below $14.50 to near $13 then below to about $13.50 area

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

PS. The Daily Note is written the night before and uploaded on site automatically 15 minutes before pre-market open. Therefore discretion and adjustments may be necessary.