Monday, December 7, 2009

The Daily Note - Winter Holiday

This will be the last week of trading for me for the year. As Christmas approaches, the markets tend to slow and get more choppy. Good days, bad days doesn't matter; this year is history already and present battles are fought over what traders think the markets will do after the new year. Instead of the chop, and slosh, or dead air that slow markets tend to bring, I prefer to enjoy a nice winter holiday with some holiday cheer.


For this week, I picked a different list to follow for no particular reason except perhaps for a change of pace. I truly have no expectations of this Monday one way or another, so , trade them well, trade them carefully and always remember to enjoy the day.

AAPL Short below $193 to near $192, $190 breaking lower to $185 Long above $194 to near $195, $196-$199

AMZN Short below $137.40 to about $136 breaking below to $135.50 and as low as $133.50 areas possible. Long above $138 to near $140, breaking above to near $142


NEM short below $52 to near $49.50 then lower to near $48. Long above $54.20 to near $55-$56 areas.

OIH Short below $114.50 to about $112. breaking below to near $110-$108. Long above $116 to near $118-$120


Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

PS. The Daily Note is written the night before and uploaded on site automatically 15 minutes before pre-market open. Therefore discretion and adjustments may be necessary.