Monday, December 28, 2009

The Daily Note - Markets Still on Holiday

I'm still in a holiday mood. What can I say, it's a nice way to spend the time. Next year will come fast enough. I just love the quiet time which winter solstice brings. Hot chocolate in hand, with winter scenery around, I peek at the charts and keep up with the world.

While considering a trade or two, I remember that this, the last days of trading for the year, will be the last opportunity to equalize winners/losers in your portfolio for maximum tax advantage. So, as a trader, looking at big losers and big winners may be the way to strategize this week. Accumulating strong stocks for next year and releasing weak ones to balance winners will give some opportunities for traders. Also remember that most traders are still out of the scene and will not totally participate unless, like me, they see something irresistible.

So enjoy the day, trade them well, prepare for next year, and most of all,
Let It Snow ...

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing