Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Daily Note - Vivaldi Season

How often do you stop and listen? I don't mean conversations, or what important people are saying in your life, but stop .. listen.. to the world. Nature, surroundings all the sounds that are always in your presence. Many don't but many who have put it to melody, because it has a song of it's own. One such composer, famous for his Four Seasons composition is Vivaldi and last night I had the good fortune to hear "Winter" played by a world class violin virtuoso on an instrument older than the United States;
Elizabeth Blumenstock with the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, of the Bay Area.

Although this is not her recording, I want to share with you a moment of nature in music.

Every trading day plays musical notes, and I don't mean the chirps or bells of Twitter and StockTwits. Listen and you'll virtually hear the next trade:
$DJI Is it at support or will it test the lower trend line, still the question:

$AMZN Long above $135 to near$137.50 Short below about $133.30 breaking below $133 to about 132.50

$PCLN Long above $216.50 to near $218.50 then higher to $220-$221. Short below $213.50 to near 209.50 breaking lower to about $207

$GLD Long above $112 to near 113 breaking higher to $113.50 area, short below $111 to near $109 lower to about $107-$105 areas.

$PRU Long above $47 to about $48 - $48.50 breaking higher to near $49. Short below 45.90 to near $45 breaking down to about $44.50

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing