Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Daily Note - Up and BAC

Some days when no matter how long I stare at my lists for signals yet to be, I don't find any that jump out. It's usually because there are so many that are in the same position, that picking one or more is difficult; or perhaps better said, picking any is good enough.

It is as if all the stars converge to form a pattern together, so picking a favorite star seems unfair to the whole picture. So what do I see? I see that we can break either way. There is argument to both that is supported well. On days as such it may behoove a trader to sit tight and wait for market to decide direction. Will there be a shining star I'll miss, most likely, will there be many other selections to my liking, most definitely.

The jobless claims and Black Friday retail results will be reported in pre-opening hours, but the bigger news is BAC which will most likely drive the market in the pre hours at-last with anticipation, but will it have the power to keep it going?

Or,expresed in music,we may have a medley of a day:

So, let's stick with what we know and the rest will unfold because a vessel can only be filled when open to receive; be ready, let it come to you.


BIDU acts like it wants to roll over because it has a hard time with $441 & higher, yet it can also break open on a moment's notice to the higher. It's because it's strange uncharted territory, so caution is highly advised. Long above $237 to $239, breaking to $241 again. A higher break above $442-$443 look to $445. short below $432 to about $429

use previous charts


MA seems to have peaked at $246, now it needs to recapture the high in order not to lose momentum. Long above $243 to $245, breaking higher to near $247. Short below $242 to near $240, losing that near $238 then $236 is possible.


FSLR needs to do something and I want to be there when it does, although it could be violent. Long above $124 to $125, $127 areas. Short below $121 to $120 then near $117. What happens after, will be interesting.


VNO I like the way it broke out and held here, looking for higher above the $68 to near $70 then $71. Short below the $67.60 to $66-$65.50 area, breaking below to $64-$62.


Do not forget the earlier trading signals which may continue to play: MT, GLD, AUY, JPM and CSIQ

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

PS. The Daily Note is written the night before and uploaded on site automatically 15 minutes before pre-market open. Therefore discretion and adjustments may be necessary.