Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Daily Note - Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

by Anni

What's your rush? 'Tis the quiet time of year;
you can't make up what you did not do yesteryear.

Have you noticed how time has gone, and you did not but blink,
have you missed something you think?

Let it go, Let it lie, perhaps it's best that way my friend;
what is good for anything when it already has been spent?

This time of year is dormant dear with promises in germination;
the quiet long nights that we spend alone are for reflecting on them.

So plan your days yet to come, but do not be inpatient,
for dreams that come forever true take their time to fruition.

Let's see what's been germinating overnight. 'Tis the wind down of the week, still much to be answered and once again, patience is the key to our success.

AMZN Long above 132.10 to about 133, to near 134.50 breaking higher to about $136 . Short below 131.60 to 129.80 area, breaking below to 127.50 -$124.40.

BIDU Long above $427 to about $428 then $430-$431 , breaking higher to $435, $437. Short below $424 to about $422, $419 then $416, breaking below $415 next near $410

FSLR Long above $136 to $137 then $138, breaking higher to about $141. Short below 133.40 to about $130.50 then to near $128

PRU Long above $47.50 to $48.30, breaking above $48.50 to $49-$49.50. Short below $46.40 to about $45.50 breaking below to near $44.

MA Short below $240 to near $237 breaking lower to $235-$233 areas. Long above $243.30 to $245, $247-248.50

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

PS. The Daily Note is written the night before and uploaded on site automatically 15 minutes before pre-market open. Therefore discretion and adjustments may be necessary.