Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Weekly Outlook _$DJIA $SPX $NDX Eyeing $AAPL All Over

*****All eyes on AAPL once more and once again, but will it be the catalyst for a break higher?  The market so far has weathered the $AAPL reverse fairly well and the earnings are not expected to be a blowout, so if  AAPL reports a surprise, to the upside, it could become the catalyst for the markets to break out higher.

Then there are two other questions to be answered.  Will it be sustainable if the $AAPL earnings are enough of a catalyst for the markets to break higher, and will $AAPL earnings on the downside be the straw that breaks the markets lower? These questions will be answered in short course, of course, so my speculation here is just something to consider as you watch what will become clear soon enough.

I think that expectations of AAPL are weaning and it will not be a surprise to me if the effect will not be too volatile on the markets, but then I am only two eyes on $AAPL and there are many more who still think it the best indicator of future tech. markets.  Right or Wrong, Eye (I) for one, will be glad when it's done ;)

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 The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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