Friday, April 5, 2013

A Weekend Note - It's Not Just About Trading

*****My life if not just about trading .. nor trading about life although the second statement is much more true.  The comment I received on Twitter the other day that I seemed to be on permanent vacation is true in the sense that it's my philosophy. I have always striven to do what I enjoyed so it did not seem like work.  I remember when I was young and having to help clean house, I'd dance while I vacuumed. I turned up the radio, opened all the windows, (I love fresh air) and danced while pushing the vacuum around. Luckily no one complained about the job I did, so I never learned to stop doing chores with windows open, music blasting and .. well you can guess the rest.

In my opinion there are so many fun things to do that we can enjoy that I often find myself thinking what is stated in my profile : "I wish I didn't need sleep".  I don't claim that I have enjoyed every part of everything I've done and I don't expect that I will, but if I find a way to do it which makes it more fun, I will practice it.  Hence, I DJ music on  while working because it helps me focus off the stress aspect of watching a trade and not because I've nothing else to do. I also do it while formulating stories or instructions for the next day's trades.

Life can be enjoyed if we accept its rules. One of which is that if you don't feel it, then don't do it because it's not the right choice for you. Without shirking responsibility, this philosophy works for trading and for life because you can select from an abundant number of trades and things to do which make your days much more enjoyable  Look around and soon you may feel the same way as I.  So go, let your solar plexus be your guide and enjoy whatever you do. Have a great weekend!

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead by Bon Jovi on Grooveshark

Happy trading, living and dancing

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