Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Daily Outlook - $SPX $DJI $NDX Elusive Dreams?

*****It is every person's goal to reach their dreams. If you are not one of them, don't read on. I am, of course, stating the obvious but it's for a reason. We tend to get disappointed when a dream seems so close to reach and then, for one reason or another, it pops, fizzles, or in this case, drops. It is hard to remember that it is most likely only a temporary setback and perhaps for a good reason that we cannot comprehend at the moment it happens to us.  Throughout our lives each one of us can recall many such occurrences  only to see later why the reaching of a dream was delayed or perhaps never attained.

In order to reach our dreams, we have to set a course that takes us from possibility to actuality but outside influences can thwart our goals and we may need to start fresh several times before attaining them. The $SPX today again deflated the idea that we are going to hit a new all time high. Today, it also took over the leader role in the indexes; whether it will be short lived or longer termed, I do not know, but it tends to take the lead at direction changes and it is now the one to watch for as long as it lasts.  Am I dreaming? Maybe so, but only time will let us know if they become elusive or actual again.

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