Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Daily Note - $DJIA $SPX $NDX Disaster Struck

*****It takes but an instant and lives and worlds change. My article yesterday referencing preparedness for a disaster was written during the midnight hours, long before disaster struck in Boston. It is usually during the night that my Muse descends and inspires me to write and I had no particular foresight about what was to come so soon.

After many years of doing so, I now seldom  question as a topic starts to develop and compels me to translate it to paper. I have learned from many examples before, that no matter how untimely it seems, my topic ends up being timely, indeed.  Often I have been tempted to deny such coincidences, but as in trading, it is in life, that when a stocks draws my attention no matter how briefly, I need to pay attention and prepare for the next possibility.

Of course we don't really know what is next; just that life will go on, opportunities will continue and disasters will strike at unexpected times. So we learn from them again.

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Wishing everyone quick recovery

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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