Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Daily Outlook - $SPX $DJIA $NDX - Now That It's Over

*****The full song goes, "What Now My Love? Now That It's Over" . It IS over, you know, the S&P 500 new all time high breakout finally happened and now the question next is: What Now? Can we live through another day?

OK nothing as dramatic as the song suggests. Usually we get a pause, a pullback, reflection  along with the sigh.  Finally, the birth has happened and we are the proud parent of ... a new high! Have a cigar or a box of candy along with a bottle of Dom if you need a bubbly to keep you high. Of course after the celebration, we must go home again with our new addition and that is when we realize it's not all as easy as we thought. Now the real work begins, the responsibility builds some call it the "high income" headache.

There are decisions to be made which  bring more pressure as they multiply. Do we sell before earnings or after, or  "be a fool and go on and on?"

Earning season is upon us, and we know what follows is May when everyone "goes away".  ..   Maybe not permanently but there comes a depression after all births, when hormones return to normal and we experience for lack of a better term, a "postpartum depression".  Will it happen, this year? If so, be ready for bargain shopping once again and another offspring perhaps? Ah, is that too much to ask for now,  my love? What now? Well, we know we'll go on 'cause it's  not really over.  Nothing ever is.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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