Friday, November 2, 2007

Testing my Skills

A friend recently told me that I was a good writer. It came as a surprise as he was not reading anything particular that I wrote, but rather just my conversations in the trading room I belong to. I have always wished to write about ..... well something... wrote a children's story many years ago, but did nothing with it, took a screenwriters course but life events prevented my finishing it and there you have it. I remembered that screenwriting instructor (successful in his field) telling me I had talent. I let it go... and yes that was years ago. Many years ago.

This time it stuck in my head and won't let go and if I were to be a hypocrite I'd brush it in some back corner of my brain; but because I am a believer that "things happen for a reason", I have to act this time. In other words I have learned that you cannot lose what is right for you, in your life, to make you complete, therefore this seed was again germinated revealing an opportunity for growth.

So we come to the reason and the purpose of this blog. The reason is simple: I want to write and test my writing skills. The purpose is to share what it is like to be a stock day trader and the everyday ups/downs of life as one choosing such a life. I say equities because that is what I do, but the philosophy would apply to any trader in general be it in equities, futures, forex, doing swing or day trading and also apply to just about anything else I do in my life. I do not wish to teach trading here or to discuss the day to day gyrations of the markets as we have the day-trading chat room for that. It is rather, to discuss what it is like to be a trader; The emotions, hardships, elation involving such a life; the premise being that to be a trader is not so much an occupation as a lifestyle.

If you were like me, you did not wake up one morning and decide.. I think I'm going to be a day-trader. It is not something that you as a child fantasized about or even knew about as an occupation. It is simply not discussed with most of the public. So if you were like me, for reasons of your own, you evolved into the lifestyle. And what a lifestyle it is. The emotional and financial roller coaster of life. I guess perhaps that means that we are of adventurous nature bordering on death wish.

Like most, I believe, I started as an investor... a studious investor, nothing reckless with money would I contemplate; but along the way one information led to another and temptation took hold. A song comes to mind if I were to remember that feeling, but this is beginning to have the look & feel of a biography and I'm not going there now. Enough will come through my thoughts in this blog to give you all a taste of my history, if you are so inclined to stay and read my musings yet to germinate and be written.

So, welcome to this new adventure of mine.


Stock Day Trading Advisor

(originally published October 25, 2007 on Yahoo 360)

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