Friday, November 2, 2007

Expecting Greatness

When I first started my journey at being a Stock Trading Advisor, every day I'd get up expecting greatness out of myself, from myself to show others: Yes, I can do this! Truly, I used to be petrified, well not quite because then I couldn't have moved, but close enough where I could not act or do anything and watched trades go by. That being followed by self deprecation for being so inept.

The truth about expectations is that it petrifies you, keeps you stuck and blind to opportunities. Expectations presume a satisfaction if certain criteria are met and therefore you are unable to see or watch for anything else. It is what keeps you in a trade too long, unable to take profits; or it is what keeps you from acting on a trade missing perhaps the run of the day.

Think on that as you are sitting impatiently during the down times, the lull times, those slow times; as you are wondering where that next trade will come from: is it your expectations that keep you from seeing it?

The minute you let go of expectations is when you notice the smorgasbord of opportunities for that next trade, that you thought did not exist; it's there, as you pick and choose from all the delectable treats, that you realize that you don't have enough time to act on it all. It's usually then that I call for Sam's help....HELP.. because I have more trading calls to make and not enough boxes, fingers and eyes to enter them fast enough.

In the process somehow you lose the worry about being great and delight in the here and now of each moment which in turn brings on an overwhelming feeling of greatfullness. (no, I misspelled it on purpose). Feeling great and satisfied, full = greatfull. I now get up greatfull and grateful every day.

Happy Trading
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(Originally posted by me on Yahoo 360 October 25, 2007)


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