Monday, November 19, 2007

Pre Holiday Markets

Generally the markets before a holiday tend to be slow. Most traders take care not to commit due to low volume and therefore less liquidity in the markets, many of them leave early for the holiday. So should we start the week without optimism and create what we presuppose or shall we start with acceptance and be open to a moment of opportunity.

I tend to come to each day with anticipation for good. My disappointments don't come from when I am open for good rather they come when I have presupposed what the day will be like. I was reminded of that just yesterday, when at our church holiday bazaar the attendance was far fewer than last year and our sales not so good yet at the end of the day I was not disappointed. Instead I felt content and not to mention very full because the day brought an offering of delicious Hungarian food and pastries along with wonderful company and I could certainly enjoy those and feel equally satisfied.

Let's be open to what today be like and what today brings. Sorry I can't offer you pastries .. I ate them all and yes, I went dancing last evening to work it off.

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