Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Great Day

It was a great day. 22 point call GOOG long, later 11 point call GOOG short could do a lot worse and yet there was more. Dow went up then down, gloom and doomers were talking much today... recession coming.. we're already there.. watch out it's worse than you think. I am amazed at how much they continue to point to how bad it is and wonder if they really live that way. I can't. I'd be depressed and my calls would reflect it as would my results.

You see, I don't see how success can be born out of negative thinking. Negative thinking by it's nature demands failure. Therefore I don't think that the negative talkers you hear in the media are truly negative thinkers. They must think positively about themselves, the effect they produce and the positive ratings they'll receive from the listening public; as well as the money they produce for themselves and their company. Negativity sells. We all buy into that one time or another and some buy into it all the time. Those who do, are the true negative thinkers and in fact, I am sure that those that truly think so negatively are feeling depressed because they live in constant fear.

You hear the voices all the time, whether within or without: "I always buy high, sell low" ; "those poor suckers that bought high"; "housing market bubble will burst"; "worse recession ever"; "worst deficit spending in history" etc. etc. etc. What I find interesting mostly is that seldom do the people making such statements actually state any facts to support their statements. They usually talk in the immediate sense of time, not taking history into account; and it wouldn't bother me so much accept for the fact that they do effect others. No thought is without energy. No thought is without agreement from one place or another and the more agreement to the thought the more likely that it will become prophecy. As I said in the room today: You beat a horse long enough it'll die.

Unfortunately, during the best economic conditions that we've had historically (look it up .. long term please) we are hearing the most nay sayers. The reasons are many and philosophically I will dwell into it as we progress on this site. For today however, consider that the lines of communication is also many; our ability to be heard and to spread the word is far more profound than ever before and all chatter influences the ethos.

So then you wonder, why did you title this article today "A Great Day"? Well, look at my first paragraph, for one. But truly, this great day was really brought on by the news that my son got hired today by Image Movers Digital,Inc., just 2 months after receiving his degree in a highly competitive field of digital arts.

Of course,I am proud of him as his Mom but I am especially proud of him because he overcame a horrific experience that could have turned him into a very negative person about life and society. Eighteen months ago, as he was leaving work late that night, he was attacked by 3 thugs, his skull bashed in and was left to die. Angels aligned by us that night to have everything go right and for the next 4 days of surgery and post surgery we were surrounded in love. He survived, thank God!

Over the next few months, my son took on the challenge of recovery without complaint and as soon as he could he re-enterd his classes at EXpressions College continuing his education in digital arts. Since that experience, he has shown no bitterness and has continued to live positively and rather than dwell on the negative possibilities, he looked forward to what he wanted to do. He could have sunken into fear, of which I'm sure he still has some to overcome, but as you see he did not because success does not get born out of fear. He is living proof of that. Congratulations, my son, well done!

ImageMovers Digital : http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/11/14/BU6BTB6GI.DTL&feed=rss.business

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