Monday, September 29, 2014

The Weekly Market Outlook - A Lookout for Bears and the Taxman

*****This week will be telling about the market sentiment going into the 4th quarter. Further wild fluctuations are possible as is the pulling in of the horns by the bulls. Not necessarily giving up or giving in, the bulls would probably prefer to just throw up some dust whilst eying whence danger, if any, is coming.

Protecting our health and interest is the obligation of all of us for ourselves because without us being healthy we can't take care of others. Thus holding on to gains, keeping it on close watch and nearer to our pockets is not greedy but wise especially when markets are looking as if they could turn.

Yet it's not always that simple because we also have to add into the equation the Taxman (IRS for short). If not calculated properly this bite may be worse than a Bear's, so sales of our holdings have to be carefully calculated to do us no harm.  Hopefully we all do our tax planning at the beginning of the year and not the end thus making the end of year decisions more simple but for those who have not, a consultation or at least a study of capital gains consequences may be crucial to keeping healthy and wealthy.

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