Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Small Studies for Trading and Life - Useful Use of Stops and Alerts

*****It's oft said that if you miss one train there's another one coming, which also applies to trades.  Trouble is that in trading, as in life, you never know which one will run you down. So always look for and  heed those stops!

Last Thursday I spoke about waiting for $AAPL.  Often we wait patiently for that next train (read trade) but too often we pace up and down on the platform looking at the time and thinking that it will pass us by and we'll never have the opportunity again. That is when the train whistle should blow loudly in our heads to alert us that we may jump before we think about our destination.

It is why when planning a trade look for best opportunities which have often occurred before. But before you get on that train, be sure to settle on your stops and destinations (targets).

It's also wise to set alerts so you know what's coming at you; lest you be run down by gravity. I bet you many people in $AAPL wished they'd done that today!

$AAPL Daily chart 3Sep14

Notice how the first test of support from last week was sliced through and the second support was tested; after which $AAPL closed just above the line. Also note that yesterday, for the first time $AAPL closed above the channel trend-line with a candle of indecision. Now watch for the 50% retrace test.

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