Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Weekend Note - Blessings

There was a rumbling sound, the earth shook; thought it was an earthquake and then Baaammm, a huge explosion; Looked outside and there was a fireball, heat so intense it melted glass.

So go the accounts of what happened last Thursday in a city south of San Francisco. When I first saw the flames I though an aircraft crashed on takeoff as that is a vector they use, but found out soon that it was a natural gas main that exploded.

Similar incidents happen around the same dates or so it seems. It's interesting that such an intense explosion happened just a couple of days prior to the 9/11 anniversary. This fireball, brought those memories back and put them sharply into focus once again. Realizing that even though years pass, the experience will always be stirred into reality by something similar.

It takes but an instance to change our lives and put things into focus that are much more important than what we usually focus on. This September 11th, pray once more for the families for whom it is still very much like it happened yesterday and please pray for those who have new horrifying memories.

Our lifetime is but a blink in the realm of the Universe, yet so precious, it's a blessing even if for just an instant.

In memory for victims of 9/11

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