Friday, September 10, 2010

The Daily Note - Those That Can't

There is a saying about teachers that I've at times thought true: " Those that can't do, teach" but I always took a slight offense at that, because it seemed to me an insult. After all, I speak English and I'm a teacher of English and I can dance, ski, drive etc. and have taught it. So mulling it over, I have finally concluded that maybe it really means, that vicariously doing is perhaps not as good as the real experience, but it's certainly better than not doing anything at all especially knowing that knowledge has it's own reward.  

I have not read many books on the subject of trading methods because I tend to learn faster by doing and observing. Also, although I prefer not to re-invent the wheel, I prefer to test my own skills at puzzles. Someone once called it an "inventor mentality", which too can be construed as an insult, I suppose because not all inventors come up with brilliant creations.  Nevertheless, I have developed my own method of trading which I now teach.

In my opinion teaching teaches not only the student but also the teacher. It's probably why I enjoy doing it the most. Not to be narcissistic about it but it allows me to be my own student. Even if not true, it's a good excuse for learning because teaching challenges self to learn more not only to keep ahead of the students but also to define to students the very essence of an idea.

Teaching my trading method  puts all dimensions of my abilities to the test as I have to define what I have developed over the years, naturally. Something that I live and breathe daily now have to be encapsulated into words that seem at times elusive.  Yet what I find as I keep to the task is that it's teaching me to be even more focused, observent about how I do my business. So doing,  I'm "fine tuning" myself to be a better trader, so in the end, I can say  "yes I can, can" do both.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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