Friday, September 17, 2010

The Daily Note - Like a Disneyland Ride

As traders we tend to spend a lot of time with charts searching for the perfect trade and setting up trades from which we plan to reap profits. Despite all that time spent, often we only have a split second to execute our plan and sometimes that split second we may be spend frozen, watching the opportunity pass. Then, watching our planned on profit evaporate, not because it was a bad plan but because we chose not to hop aboard the ride when it hollered "All aboard!"

Do you do that?

For many of us traders everyday is like going to Disneyland. We arrive, full of anticipation where we wait in long lines often for a long time waiting for that special ride for which we planned, but when it's our turn to jump into the pod, we balk and back away, courage leaving our being. It's what I did on my last trip to Disneyland, where having time for one last ride, we ran to board Space Mountain and then, I backed away.

Have you done it?

One thing to remember at those times is not to blame ourselves for the hesitation, but to examine the reason for it. Trading much more than any other profession gives us opportunity to get to know and learn about ourselves. Therein is the real opportunity, because the knowledge will only help us grow and become more "whole" in our being. The trade and the Disneyland ride of our choice will be there for us to board again.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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McZinc said...

Hey, between finding your blog as a new female, 30-something, west coast, swing trader and seeing that you've got Sasha Dobson tunes interspersed with your charts and daily picks...I'm happy to "meet" you Anni! Please keep posting!!

Anni47 said...

Thanks and welcome to my site. Nice to 'meet' you too. I will continue my posts and I hope you'll keep enjoying them.