Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Daily Note - Don't Walk Away

Be afraid, but don't walk away. Traders should not be emotional while trading, but this message is not the kind of fear that should interrupt your reason, but the kind that should bring it front to your attention and spring you to action.

It's about what and how your fortunes are being manipulated. The dollar eroded, your ability to earn downgraded, goods restricted and inflation injected, this nation will find itself soon totally ineffectual as a power. Don't get me wrong, as a nation of warriors, we'll be useful but as a nation that can feed and clothe itself, we'll be helpless.

Through various subtle, some brazen, some under radar changes have been put into place and the web is so wide I doubt many could event distinguish it as one. the FOMC confirmed as much yesterday. Their manipulation has no end and it will never end. If you think gold will be safe, it's purchase is already on books to be regulated, registered and tracked and who's to say it will not be confiscated? It's happened many times before in world history that gold could not be owned by ordinary people.

Yes, be afraid and don't count on this election to solve the problem, A Congress that lets itself be used for the purpose of dis assembling the constitution will not be effective ever again. It's all about control and controlling you. Yes, be afraid, but face it and don't walk away!

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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