Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waiting for Black Friday

Sitting here at a railroad station awaiting our destination, Black Friday here we come. I don't know but I have a problem with shopping days as indicators. Wouldn't it be nice if it was Thanksgiving Day, that would be the indicator of how we feel about the state of the economy? Family to show how healthy we are, how optimistic we are?

The focus is now on the biggest shopping day in the country and it's to foretell the fortunes of retailers in December. We barely remember that December is about other celebrations anymore; and it's ironic that the most outspoken generation about materialism and largest population ever now in USA which embrace Marxism/Communism/Socialism so eagerly await the figures of this last best kick into the economy. Days, in America, that were about giving thanks for a great harvest, safety and freedom and about worship of the birth of mankind's saviour have turned to worship of a different kind.

Why don't we just take the last 6weeks off every year and let shoppers do what they do best: shop; travelers do what they do best: travel; and the rest of us spend time, the most precious commodity we have, with our families?

Winter is about rest. Rest in order to be born anew in the spring. The rest is needed like sleep, for strength, clarity of mind, and for spirit to again fill the soul. When is the last time you took time for it all? When is the last time you took a rest from the chase? When is the last time you let the thoughts go, let the mind rest and let the spirit rise in its stead?

We've ruined many holidays with focusing on other matters, I hope we won't ruin Thanksgiving as well. What if Black Friday, never came again?

Happy Thanksgiving to my trading family!!