Monday, November 30, 2009

The Daily Note - The Dubai Test

I will be posting my random thoughts for the day, here, along with some significant calls that I may see.

Eye on Dubai and other matters. Is Dubai the ultimate "If we build it, they'll come" test? Other than it's absolutely marvelous architecture, and various one of a kind amusements, do the builders know something we do not? I would think it would be the ultimate destination to escape the coming ice age, and in which case current real estate prices are a bargain. One must admit if true, and a new ice age beats out global warming, Al Gore and Company would receive the ultimate Trump. Speaking of who, does Trump have a stake on either side of the matter? In any case, I do hope Dubai has a plan for a large hydroponics site, in addition to the desalination plants. But my ultimate question is: How do they keep all those buildings cool without a major "footprint"? Care to comment?

Now to the other matters: Last week proved that one trading post can be played more than one day, given proper conditions.

BIDU Long above $439 to above $441, breaking above $442 to near $445. Short below $434 to near $431 then to $429 area, below $429 to $426 possible.


JPM Short below 40.70 to near 39.90. Long above $42 to about $42.55


MA Long above $239 to near $241 breaking higher to near $243. Short below $238 to near $237-$234, breaking below to near $232.00.


APOL Short below $55.00 to about $54 braking below 53.70 to about $52.00. Long above $56.20 to near $57, then to about $58.50 .

Happy Trading Living and Dancing

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