Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a Great Day, Revisited

This weekend I spent celebrating my son's debut. He played a role in the making of "A Christmas Carol" the movie for which he was hired for almost 2 years ago exactly, just two months following his graduation from Ex'pressions College for Digital Arts. His friends and family together watching a creation of which he was part of was exciting, seeing his name among the credits made me extremely proud of a young man who could have chosen a very different path 3 1/2 years ago following an attack which I address in a "Great Day" archived under November 2007. Instead, he is currently working on his 3rd film with the company.

The story of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens is not new, however many seem to think it's a story for children. I beg to differ with them, for it is scary for the young, as it was really written for adults to wake them up to the reality that they have control over how they live their own lives and how their attitude shapes their destiny. This movie, which stays almost verbatim to the original story as written, makes the point extremely well.

You may want to know what this all has to do with trading. Well, maybe nothing but then I'd probably not mention it; maybe a lot, and so I am.

The main focus in the story is Scrooge's transformation as he is confronted by his past, present and possible future. He sees his past and how he shaped his life by the decisions he has made, which resulted in loss. Scrooge lost his love but we may have different losses that haunt us into the present. Then, Scrooge is shown that the present is where life is, where fulfillment can be attained and it's the present where joy resides; yet, those can destroyed by apathy and want, both feelings, that do not allow for thankfulness.

We approach each trade shaped by our ghosts of trading past. Into each trade the sceptre of fear can creep, haunting us with fear or greed. It is in the present where we have to examine whether we want it all for ourselves or can we be giving, sharing of the trade as well. Do we want to hold on to each penny or are we willing to let some go. Accepting and giving being both sides of the same coin of abundance.

Of course, the future is shaped by our attitude in the present. The result of the trade; how did we receive it, with gratefulness or with want? Are we going to be enjoying the fruits, sharing them or horde them? It's here where can be taken off course and not see how much abundance we already have nor how much more there is for our taking as long as we remain open,stay in the present, forgiving and loving not only others but also ourselves.

Perhaps we should all have the fear of death driven into us by the ghost of things that may be, as Scrooge is. Maybe that way we'll realize more easily how well off we are, how fortunate our lives and how much we all have to share.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing ("I feel as light as air")