Thursday, August 7, 2008

Taking 5

Wine, Music, Dancing! You may think it a lack of self control and it may be, but I do tend to overdo at times, taxing myself where I need to clock-out, gather my scattered energies about me and go within, meditate, revamp, analyze and come out anew, refreshed and re-energized with fresh ideas. Clean my inner house so to speak. Interesting how many new possibilities we see when we clean house, get rid of the old or the unused and look elsewhere to fill the space.

That's exactly what I have to do with my baskets of stocks I follow. This is a good time when direction is unclear, Washington being away, Olympic Games about to start, and markets are choppy in volume or direction. Attention is focused on China and the games, children going back to school or away to college, and last minute vacations are planned. The markets tend to reflect what we live and currently it's uncertainty. We are about to decide the future of our nation in the next quarter and it's important that we prepare what we can in advance. Clean your house, lessen your clutter and you'll be open to opportunities yet unknown, the be ready to rock and roll the last quarter of the year no matter which direction it takes. I've provided the music for inspiration. Enjoy! (click on title for "Take Five" click on picture for more of Dave Brubeck)

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