Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot August Nights

Warm breezes, moonlight, music wafting in the evening air ... missing only the ocean lapping on the shore.. being carried off to what life is for. Totally relaxed and totally ready for whatever is next. Open to receiving.

Meditation helps in realizing how immediate every moment is in our existence and how time can be slowed down to where we can notice the most minute details and also to act in the moment of opportunity.

We get so caught up in life trying to get everything done, that we need nights like these to remind us that we achieve our best, retain the most and enjoy it more when we are relaxed with opened senses to what is about us.

In a receiving and ready state, we are able to wait for the trade, and are not tempted to force the trade but to let the trade come to us. Time and timing can be best recognized when relaxed, not when tense.

Today's market was such that it would make a master in patience tense. Jerky, choppy, whippy, punchy all applied at any one time, so much so that I was getting punchy too with eyes rolling in sockets multi directionally. (is there such a word??) Yet sticking with the plan worked and proves to work time and time again. The plan has 4 rules:

  1. When frustrated by the markets, put on music. Yes, dancing music. (I prefer Latin, hotttt salsa, jazz, rhumba!).

  2. Get up, step away from desk and dance. (this really works the kinks out of body and brain and also reinforces reason not to have a webcam)

  3. When an uncontrollable grin creeps permanently on face, one can be assured that a state of bliss has been achieved and therefore it's time to get back to trading again, alert and ready; glad for the rest, markets have moved, perspective shifted, awareness sharpened.

  4. Now, for the most important rule of all! Do NOT turn off the music; Trade to it!!
The surprise and the lesson is noticing how well the music keeps your body, mind and the markets in rhythm allowing one to continue "dancing" with the markets! Actually not a surprise to me anymore, as I've done this time and again and literally have moved favorable outcomes by the music I've played. Music is numbers so it makes sense that they would fall into rhythm with each other.

One final note (no pun, ha ha) acid, punk, etc. the kind that fries your brains is the hardest for markets to get accustomed to, but if it rocks your boat, so be it, remember rhythm, moving as one with the market is the key.


P.S. Ulrich, Play on!

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