Monday, August 18, 2008

Fighting a Battle (Part III) Lessons of History Lost on Most

Time and again Russia proves to the world that the bear never dies it just hibernates. Time and again, the rest of the world sleeps while they maul yet again another victim, even while daring the world to interfere. The tactics are not new. The world pays no attention while the bear prepares for it's feeding very hungry indeed; preparation has been going on for years and escalated in recent months, yet no one notices, except a few who are not paid attention: the ones that see the movement from the ground, the ones that see the build up and are able to add sums, the ones with experience the ones that tell you never to trust the bear in the first place, usually they are the ones that know history.

I started the above story few days after Russia invaded Georgia. I stopped because I didn't find a link to trading, but knew the passion of what I spoke had merit yet perhaps not for this blog. I've actually had thoughts of starting another blog just for such, decided I will explore it but still have had not the time. Yet the time for this is now. Especially because of what the fed did the past weekend. The bailout as they call it.. the payback as I call it.. yet another burden stuck on taxpayers, without the taxpayers approval. The SEC seems to believe in deep pockets; yes, yours and mine. The Congress spends it easily marching on their way toward the glories of Globalization, they seem not to notice that we are vacating our souls.

Where are the protests, the marches, the outcry about what Russia has done and continues to do to Georgians. Most of what I heard from the news media showed that they do not bother to research history but just read convenient on the cuff stories that totally ignore facts. Where are the endless analysis that would question what how and why it happened? More time is spent on analyzing 1 hour in Brittany Spears' life than on the real threat to our very freedom. Congress rather hate President Bush and tell us to hate ourselves, than to analyze what is really happening overseas. Perhaps because it may threaten their glorified picture of a world union?? Oh but then maybe you don't see the connection?!!?

Georgia is a strong believer in our form of government and therefore a strong ally. It is also the only country which stands in the way of Russia's total dominance in the supply of oil from the middle east.

I know one thing learned from the past: it will repeat and repeat until you take notice and resolve its cause or it will finally it explode in your face. So start noticing and start resolving before Russia will monopolize and create the next "cold" war we'll be much less prepared to deal with.

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