Monday, December 26, 2011

The Daily Note - Top 100, The First 20

I have written and sent music out with my articles for most of the last four years on this blog. While I have covered much on the topic of trading, I have also covered much on the topic of music but perhaps in a much more subtle way. Much of the music I sent was via published on this site while many more I've sent out with my "Charts and Music" published on and

There have been so many moments in the last four years that have brought pleasure into my life on this blog, that I wondered what it would be like to pick the top 100 songs I've enjoyed sharing these past few years. So is born this "end of year reflection" published below and will be also shared on for the next  five trading days of the week. I doubt if I can put them in perfect order, from last to first as favorites, but I'm sure some will stand out more than others, so here goes my top 100 with 20 per day. Enjoy and may the new year bring much joy and happiness into your life.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
and a Wonderful, Prosperous New Year!

The Daily Pick - DJIA Weekly Outlook

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John Cormie said...

Rock On Anni!!!  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Thank You for a Wonderful Forum in which to Learn and Trade.

All The Best,  JC