Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Daily Note - Top 100, Part IV (61-80)

Funny it doesn't get easier. The more involved with listening to the past the more it evokes memories from times gone by. I wonder if that is why we get stuck sometimes in the past and forget to look ahead. When we know and see what was we may look for it ahead, but if we do not leave the past we cannot make new memories. Well said by the saying that you cannot drive down the road while looking in the rear view mirror.

Many traders, especially when new, cannot leave what was in the last trade or better still what they missed in the past. Their focus is there and they miss what is available in the present. It's referred to as living in the now or in the moment. Each moment affords new opportunity and new memory making, but what we do often instead, is compare it to what was and if it does not match our memory we may dismiss it as unreal and feel that our hope is useless.

The truth however is that the past is no longer real and neither is our memory perfect, because we change it. But we cannot change our embedded experience therefore our fear or hope becomes real in the present.

So, since living in the past only reveals our fear or hope of the future, which is also unreal, the present is the only "real".  What we do with the present is opportunity missed or realized either repeating or breaking through to the new. Maybe that's why I like breakout plays the best.

Below is a list of the past, present and what will be my future so enjoy!

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
and a Happy Joyous New Year!

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