Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Daily Note - Merry Christmas Rallies

It's funny about confidence. People think it comes from others, when it's the courage of conviction from within. Whether that conviction is encouraged by others or not, it's your action that brings it forth. You cannot give confidence to someone unless they are ready to accept their own ability to create.

Rallies don't just happen. They are brought on by enthusiasm, positive outlook and confidence that the outcome will be better than what we have today. Likewise, your confidence builds with practice and belief that improvement will be the reward of the exercise.

A trader does not become better by just reading about trading. Traders need to exercise their skills through which they are also developing their confidence. There is just no substitution for this process; no short cut appeasement for trying. We can pat ourselves on the back, but the results are permanent therefore confidence seeks success for fuel. So be it full or empty, success is the measuring stick by which we gauge our progress. The better our trading skills, we experience more success and our confidence soars. In markets, we call it a rally where it's sustained for as long as the conditions continue to be strong.

So, rather than waiting for a rally, learn to create your own, then you can experience the joy of a Santa rally every day.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
and a Merry Christmas to Everyone

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