Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Daily Note - You Can't Finish What You Don't Start

How can you finish what you haven't started? If you do not set a goal in your life, how do you know when you've arrived, achieved, excelled? Whether you realize it or not, you actually set goals every day of your life. Things like: Get up time ____, Get to work time ___, Eat, drink, be merry, watch a show, go to the gym etc. are all daily goals. When you have done them, you finish them and you achieved them. You may even have overachieved them as in, too many drinks or excelled in them as in, an extra 15min at the gym. Realize it or not you complete many goals every day.

So why do many people have a tough time setting goals that go beyond the routine? Do they think they don't need it or perhaps they have low self esteem and do not wish to feel pressure or worry about failure? If you are one of them, maybe you don't realize that without goals, you can't have achievement ergo self-esteem suffers and a negative routine continues. Let me ask it this way; do you want to set a goal of: "Today, I will lose _____."? That is what you are doing by not setting a goal. The unconscious mind still sets goals according to its thinking and negative is as much a goal as a positive one.

A conscious positive goal is much more powerful than an unconscious goal but without setting a goal you cannot start the task.  Therefore, positive goals are as important in your daily routine as they are for your life.

So, if your trading is not quite what you'd like it to be I suggest that not setting positive goals as being a possible reason.

Try this instead:
  • Each day set a "total gain" goal. Make it just a bit out of reach of your last day. If the last day gain was negative, make the goal a positive amount. Write it on a post-it.
  • Plan each trade before the day begins with a goal in mind. Write down each on a post it.
  • Paste your post-its on your desktop just in view.
  • Vow only to focus on your post it trades and goals for the trading day.
  • When a goal is achieved, remove the post it.
  • When you have no post its left, your goals are achieved, your trading day is done.
  • Celebrate

Now,  you have finished what you've started, rather than not starting at all.

Happy Trading, Living and Winning

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