Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Daily Note - Everybody Knows

As a Daytrader, I can choose what I trade everyday and contrary to what may come to mind, it's not to take advantage of others' misfortune. I am reminded that somehow making gains deliberately will not make me feel good. Everybody knows that disasters and accidents happen.

As human beings we're pray for those affected and donate goods and money in order to help them out. We recognize that it's a time of need and we need to lend a hand. But somehow traders, financial managers, financial bloggers around the globe salivate at the thought of the opportunities when disaster hits. We are not vultures or hyenas who really do a better service since they only pick on the dead. We are worse. We are at our total greed level. Teeth bared and ready for the attack on the helpless. But consider where the money comes from for the companies, countries targeted for such bone picking. Investors & taxpayers like ourselves. Also consider that many people have counted on that money to make their future better. But not we. We just want the glory of the kill and the temporary gain that we may lose on the next trade. Will I make that trade that breaks someones back and spirals their portfolio to zero? Does that make you feel uncomfortable? I hope so.

I know there's some exaggeration in what I write, but I believe we are doing an injustice toward people whose only wish after a disaster is to live. Many have lost everything. Do they need to lose their investment also?

It's a time when people need to come together and many of you know, who have been following my blog and tweets, know that I don't advocate such trades out of respect and principal. In other words, I don't short companies that are on the receiving end of an accident or disaster. I believe there is plenty of ways to play without making things worse.

In you hurry to capitalize on the coming events, take into consideration that Japanese firms need our support to continue to service and help their customers, rebuild their communities and regain their standing in order to save their investors' funds. Remember that Wall St. has been looked upon as greedy; well, we now have choice to not partake in that greed. Think of it as a donation which I'm sure you'll be happy to do in the days to come. Besides, it's not a real donation if you take with one hand and give with the other into the same pot. Think about how you'd feel being there.

Happy trading, living and being thankful

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