Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Daily Note - Good Question, No Answer

In searching for the meaning behind current events, I was led to wonder.  What is the meaning behind every thing anyway?  Why is it that after all the hard work, hard won liberties, riches, learnings are eventually lost? Where does it go? It seems sometimes that no matter what we do, we just tend to lose it all.  It seems that the understanding of the first intent is lost in translation is lost in time and is lost in importance. It seems that like everything else, we live in cycles and the cycle includes dark ages which descend in order to appreciate the liberties that have to be won all over again.

When this country was started it was important to realize freedom from removed or remote government, freedom from taxation without representation, and freedom of government imposed religion. Over the years, however, these three important purposes have been altered with meanings far less important. At one time self- reliance was more important than dependence. At one time, doing for oneself developed more self-esteem than the recognition from others. At one time,  belief in a power unseen was more important than the belief in a power centralized in one man. Yet today, many, hold the latter three to be above anything else. Many considered those with star quality to have more import than those who have reasoning quality. Many consider  a degree more important than learning.

I was reminded of the above article I started about a month back, when I received an email; actually two. One from an  friend in Duesseldorf embarking yet on another teaching assignement on the philosophy of Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" and one from a reader and as yet a stranger in the USA who seems also to be in education, but tells me he "agrees to disagree".  Interesting to me that these two letters arrived on the same day, and seems to have sparked in me a real examination of the latter especially.

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