Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Daily Note - Capitalism as Virtue

Wall Street has been a long time target for those who wish the world to think that they are full of the rich who only want to get richer at the cost of the poor. Since Enron however, it has escalated new heights with call to oust the "greedy" & the "rich"; and there has been a "witch" hunt akin to a Stalinist purge led by Eliot Spitzer as New York State's Attorney General,  in his early years, but who listened to me?

Certainly Madoff did not help in the matter, but truth be known and really examined in any business, the good  outnumber the bad.  Truth also be known, all businesses are capitalist; in other words, they are doing it to make money for themselves. The other truth is, that so are the workers and it is the truth that many wish not to admit, but the recognition of this is very important if we are to survive the biggest onslaught of anti-capitalism since Marxism first raised it's ugly head.

The fact that all humans are capitalists at the core, and the recognition of it by the forefathers of this nation,  is the reason this country became the fastest growing and the strongest one since the Republic was established.  The opportunity to make the best and be the best at anything one chooses is the motivator and it is also the multiplier of more opportunity. There is no denying that out of innovation, inspiration grows and opportunity becomes evident, leaving only one missing ingredient: daring.  Daring to succeed.  In sum you have the recipe that makes the dough rise, pun intended.

This recipe is the truth for worker or business owner alike, and at once the best rose to the top regardless of stature. Workers became recognized for their mastery of a craft just as much as business owners flourished when they produced the best.  No better place than to look to Hollywood or sport teams for this example, but also look to Wall Street.

Unlike in Hollywood or on the sports field, more workers are able to partake in capitalism on Wall Street than anywhere else. They can benefit in the riches of many businesses through investments just as much as business owners can. They are the most basic capitalist system by being mutually invested in the success of a company. It is this truth however, which is hated the most by Marxists who have been  vigorously publicizing the opposite with much success.

Pitting one against the other by making one good the other evil in definition has divided many societies in history resulting in unfortunate and deadly consequences. The rich vs. poor, fortunate vs. unfortunate, farmer vs.worker, manager vs labor, CEO vs investor, where it succeeded, has been the main ingredient for taking control and suppressing  freedom. Unfortunately it has also succeeded here in the USA with the greatest speed during the past decade, culminating in the fastest, most powerful changes to freedoms enacted by the politicians currently ruling this country.

You see, while you were busy hating your partner in success, they grabbed your freedom and started controlling your life.  Proving yet again that there are no bigger greedy capitalists than the likes of those who wish to suppress your freedoms and control your choices: Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Marxists, Dictators all fit this definition, although they may masquerade as Democrats and Republicans. The battle that you may have had to fight for better wages under a capitalist free market system in this Republic, are nowhere near as difficult, hard or deadly, as the battle you will have to fight for the freedoms, choices or your life; but to recognize that, you will first have to admit that you, like all humans, are capitalists at heart.

Then, and only then, will you be able to defeat the social capitalists in the Capital and purge their power grabbing, entitlement rich arrogance out of the system and hold the Constitution as the law of the land once again.

When you become willing to fight for the best you can be, and be willing to defend your right to fight, will you be able to receive the best fortune. With capitalism there are no guarantees that you will succeed, there is only the guarantee that you may try.

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