Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Daily Note - Equipment Frenzy

Much like photographers, traders know that there's nothing more important to maintain than their equipment. Without the equipment, there is no product, period. Having relied on computers and photo equipment a lot of my career days, I've been probably more mindful of it than most about upkeep, but despite of it all, there things beyond our control. Yesterday was such a day for me. I got frozen, dropped, stuck!!!

I will say that most of the time I've been extremely fortunate for having reliable bandwidth, isp service and computer hardware for most of my trading days, but it's the software that sometimes gets us totally flustered when the unknown creeps in; and in creeped an unknown with the latest Microsoft update, which wreaked havoc with some of my software.

I will not go into the frustrating details, let's just say that it took me out for the day; down and out which has not happened to me since, I honestly cannot remember. Thank goodness for that, and hope it will not happen again for another "I can't remember when" time frame.

I was sorry to miss a great downturn trading day, but I can honestly say today made up for it. I hope your day went equally well and I hope you will continue to follow and read my posts. If you wonder about what I do, I am posting a MidDay Tune for you to see, and I'll be back with some other tidbit tomorrow for you to follow. Meantime...

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - MidDay Tune Pt.II a bit muffled.

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