Friday, October 16, 2009

Google On My Mind

So, GOOG blew it out of the water. The social media is ablaze with comments. Not a surprise. Every one's favorite report never disappoints. Such a wonder of a company. I have a suspicion about companies that are so worshiped, when they can't do "wrong" in so many eyes.

I have a problem with their philosophy that allows for violations of principals. So I don't trade it anymore. I seldom look at it; and I worry about its power over human beings. So many things collected by them have the potential of a very grave wrong. When a company allows for censuring of Democratic ideals, that worries me. When a company supports socialist states and leaders, that is against all that I hold dear, they lose my respect. When a company wishes to be the sole collector of medical records, that alarms me. When a company has power to advise the President of the USA and has a former V.P. on it's board whose principal goal is to flame the fear about global warming in order to cash in on "cap & trade", I find very dangerous.

Of course it's evident that I use Google; right here with this blog. I use them and like the fact that I can find information so easily. I think they've done a great service, but like anything in life, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

When one company has so much power, it can literally allow them to rule. So much information in one "hand", that can be altered. There's already a problem that copyrights are not respected, so books could be destroyed. People's whereabouts, businesses, privacy can be violated and could be revealed. Of the thousands that work there, can you trust them all? I think, they're too big and in need of some serious competition; but will it be allowed? I wonder, is HAL born?

Happy Trading, Dancing and Living