Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trading List Week of 4/20/09

Trading List for Friday 4/24/09 : I am extra cautious on Fridays going into weekend lately is dicey. Watching $BIG $TROW $SKF $AAPL. $TSCO looking to short. $COST $46.65 still looks good as signal long.

Trading List for Thursday 4/23/09: $DO $F $EBAY $AAPL $SKF $COST $YUM. YUM! completed a winged V recovery pattern which began end of last year. Look to short below $32 to revisit $30 area Keep on tight leash. EBAY reported good earnings after hours and gave a nice scalp play. Will watch for further gains on this.

Update Post Market Wednesday 4/22/09: It was a run up and sell off day at the markets giving some scalping opportunities. $SKF tested the $58 area low several times before finally taking off with an abandon both shorts and longs were happy. EBAY took off at the morning bell and paid well in the $15.00 area. After hours gave another opportunity as it reported good earnings & outlook. $COST was nice entry at $46.65 giving nearly a point gain. $BIG had a nice run up again this morning hitting 6 month high of $27.41 Will look for further opportunity on this for Thursday.

Trading List for Wednesday 4/22/09
$CAL has a way of surprising will watch this one with earnings
$COST upside momentum could take it to $49 entry above $46.65. On the short side below 46 to $45 and $44
I will be adding $MCD $CMG $COST to watch

Update 4/21 Post Market: $SKF was as predicted. Long action happened before market open, then short took us down to penny at $60. Looking to test lows again with this one. $BIG reentered at $25.28 took profits at 25.98. Did not hold due to market volatility. $GNK also very nice for a rebound trade from $17.97 to $18.90. Still watching $FRPT for a possible short. $EBAY had a nice ride up today did not enter any trade with it.

Trading List for Tuesday 4/21/09
watching $EBAY $FDO $BIG $LOW

$FRPT dbl top potential short below $7.69 entry to $7.37 then $6.90, $6.50 area. If market rebounds, it'll stay in a tight trading range.

$SKF although not convinced it's seen it's lows, current momentum is on the plus side. Above $71 it's clear to $77 area; on the downside it has a gap to fill to $60
Trading List for Friday 4/17 update 4/20 Post Market
$FCS good money vol potential of $6.10 area
$GNK above $15.24 targets $17.10, 18.90 and 21+ area; 4/20: hit 2nd target on Friday, Monday gap down sold of remainder postions.
$SKF see lower to $55-$54 area $C will be the key; low of $56.50 Friday

Also Watching $GOOG $BIDU $FRTP 4/20 sorry for the typo it's $FRPT
Swing trade $BIG hit my first target ($25) now lookig to $26.50-.90 area. Update Target hit and sold all out will watch this for reentry