Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Biting The Hand That Feeds

When politicians are given power, they're elated and humble just as kids are at first, then they take it, they abuse it, but most important thing to remember is that once they possess it, they don't ask for permission again. Repeat: THEY DON'T ASK FOR PERMISSION AGAIN!!

Power and money is the biggest and most compelling reason why all governments fail in their duty and the more money they control the faster the deterioration happens.

That this Federal Administration now controls more money than any other US government in history is alarming enough but coupled with their plans to enlarge government bureaucracy should definitely create alarms for all citizens. You see the production for money is in your hands... the printing of it is in theirs, which means you have to keep up with their program if you don't want to be in debt or better put, if you don't want to lose your country.

But when governments become both the producers and the consumers they become the monster that eats itself. On the way however, they create plenty of misery and depression. You begin seeing it in the citizenry when they become lackluster, disinterested and hopeless and don't wish to produce as much as before.

The bank bailouts are the real test as to this governments intention and they have already shown that it's more important for them to retain control rather than allow free markets to correct the problem. It was already evident when they forced many banks to take the TARP money even though they wished not to, but now those that wish to pay it back are not allowed.

The vicious circle has started and added to it is the coming announcement of one crisis after another all designed to alarm, panic the citizenry into allowing the government to "do" something about it before the "sky" falls and before you realize, they've taken control of it all. And by doing so they make the citizens ineffectual to the outcome until the government falls.