Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maybe It's Simple or Is It Simplistic?

I don't know, it seems just simple to me.

A strong dollar means : investor confidence, growth, buying power = more jobs
A weak dollar means: investor evacuation, contraction, hording = less jobs

So why do some say "up is down" or as I read that a weak dollar is stimulative to the economy? I was stumped until I read Soros G20 interview. Oh yes the guy who's all for the one world economy and thinks America was holding everyone back from that Utopian goal.

He states that unless America comes up with a practical measure to recapitalize the US banking system we'll sink to lower lows. I thought that's what Obama and the Federal Reserve was trying to do with all that money printing. He also puts forth a warning that America needs to come up with a practical measure to support weak currency countries which would assist those developing countries to be able to borrow more from the IMF. (International Monetary Fund) In other words, he encourages debt everywhere just like he encouraged it in the USA by not believing in and speaking out against Free Markets. He also funded the likes of Move assisting in the demoralization of America and Americans.

Although he almost apologetically speaks of the necessity of the IMF calling it imperfect, he also encourages using SDR's , special drawing rights, an international reserve asset which has the potential of becoming a super-sovereign reserve currency. In fact he thinks SDR's should be used as long as the global recession lasts. By whose measure? Like Company Stores of old, you can keep someone in debt forever.

I my simplistic fashion, isn't that just more and bigger debt? To me he makes a convoluted sense of throwing everything in one cauldron and stirring the soup until no one knows who owes what and to whom. The IMF. Who is the IMF?

Keep digging
There's always a reason.. follow the money. This master manipulator of currencies got caught once. Who owns the money, who manipulates the currencies and the fine metals?
He's a manipulator and believes in manipulation of economies.

What will it gain for us in the USA? Will we re-emerge as the strong nation with a strong currency everyone will desire again? Using Soros' solution, I doubt it. We can't kill our markets especially the free markets that made this country great no matter what Soros thinks.

Remember that he, like millions of others, came to this country from other countries by choice to "make it", and there's only one reason for that.. because the American way worked and still works if you let it. Billions upon billionaires were created using the American Free Market Capitalism; many more than under any other in written history. So his argument dries up just because of that. I have a saying "Your actions prove your word". If you don't believe in this system, why did you take advantage of it and use it for your prosperity?

But the final question that keeps rolling around in my simplistic mind is, what is his final purpose? Beyond one world currency and ultimate wealth, (He said he didn't make enough money yet) what other possible reason does he and others have?

One world government? Resulting in? Ultimate control? What for? I think it's more simplistic to think that a one world government or currency will work. It's just that simple.