Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Relates to Trading: A Lesson You Asked For

So how does this economic mess relate to trading and life you ask? The reasons are enumerated below.

This happens when:

  • You think everyone else is getting more than you are
  • You covet
  • You let go of ethics and morality
  • You allow extortion and thievery to go unpunished no matter how small
  • You wish not to be bothered with decisions
  • You want someone else to "do it" for you
  • You think others know more than you and you don't study the question
  • You think you know more than others and you don't have to study the question
  • You think the solution is too complicated
  • You are not willing to take charge of your own life
  • You forget that all is connected

As I said before, we did not get here in a heartbeat; but what I didn't say before is that you asked for it. Maybe you didn't ask for it out loud, but you thought it, I bet. In other words, you, we, all of us created it.

When freedom is gone, it takes a long time to win it back again. It takes courage, fight and it takes blood. The blood is all over the stock markets today. The fight is on. It's not only in the markets but it's there intellectually in the streets. The fight for our freedom and country as we've known it is on whether you are ready or not. The markets reflect the future and it's showing everyday what's coming.

Those that will fight back and those that believe in free markets will pay dearly for quite a while. There is money to be made on the short side now and not many are willing to anti up for the longs. Yet companies that provide for your trading are sinking and contrary to modern math, zero is a zero and you can't borrow from government to make up for that. That is why corrections are difficult and the best way to avoid a mess is by realizing that all things have a cycle and panic or a bail-out does not fix anything.

Now, we're in this lesson which may take a long time to comprehend. Until then, the question will remain: What have we given up for the quick fix and at what cost of our freedom?