Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Weekly Outlook and Analysis - Putin, Crimea, Ukraine and Pipelines

*****Despite all the negatives that can be cited about the world politically, economically, the market keeps them only at an arms length;  pausing temporarily, taking a breath, checking if it's still alive and then continuing on its path.  Very few if anyone in news media is looking at things ominously; rather they are looking at it as a separate issue from all other moves that may be made. It is so that we can ignore the world as a whole.

Oddly the same is not true when we discuss ecology or climatology.

I can address many issues of which I speak, but today I am speaking about what is happening in the Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula. I hope that this Major Oil and Gas Pipeline Map will help those who wish to decipher the reasons why Putin would make such a move. Please open it, download it to view on your big screen.  Control is always at issue and territorial control is the most desired goal. Georgia, Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine, are the remaining issues that assures total control of the Black Sea and eventually all the EU pipelines. Take a look and the future path to control will become clear also.

The invasion of Georgia by Putin during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing was and is the same plan yet it's seldom if ever mentioned.  Now, again within a month of the 2014 Winter Olympics at the Black Sea another takeover occurred. Believe in coincidence or not, they were both planned by Putin having the goal being the control of EU's oil and gas pipelines from the Middle East and ultimately the control of supply.

Make no mistake about the big plans Putin has to re-establish the former glory of his country. It's ongoing, relentless and like all other Russian plans, most likely to succeed. The only question that remains is: at what cost to humans and humanity if we do nothing and/or if we do something.

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