Friday, March 2, 2012

The Daily Note - The Don't, Won't, Can't of Trading

Have you noticed that whenever you resolve not to do something, you do it anyway? The duh moment comes after you realize that you've committed the same act once again. Why is it so difficult to let go of a non-thinking habit? I'm sure there are many answers if you take the time to dwell into yourself, but consider this one also: Your subconscious mind does not hear the "negative".

In other words if you say "I won't, don't, can't do this or that" your subconscious registers "I will, do, can this or that".

The first time I heard this theory I kept looking for ways to negate it. (Get the joke?) But more often I noticed that I did exactly what I don't, can't, won't, "wanna" do, because the negative statement basically reinforces the negative action rather than replacing it.

All too often traders will repeat to themselves what NOT TO DO rather than what TO DO. So, turn the statement into a positive which will reinforce a positive action and make it your mantra rather than keeping the negative mantra as your guide. Give it time to work also, it took many years for you to practice the negative, so it will take some time to turn the tables of your mind, but the good news is that it will take far less time as you see the positive results to your positive thoughts and actions.

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