Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Daily Note - Under My Thumb

There is just no other word for it. It's not the first administration but it's the most flagrant one, even outdoing Clinton, Obama continues to thumb his nose at the US Constitution and continues to erode individual autonomy and he's doing it using your emotions. "Now I grant it now I don't" is the latest example of the confidence he displays that he can do it. Like an abducted child, the country is increasingly acting grateful for the grant and fearing the opposite, will continue to hail him for anything that seems positive for themselves, thinking it's also good for country.

Stocks are showing fatigue yet will only pull back inches instead of feet when they've risen miles just since September 2011. This time it's not the ".com" or "housing" bubbles which were used for examples, because this paradigm is different. This fear is different it's a government using fear to control on an increasingly higher level. Fear of loss and fear of gain both from the same body depending the handout from the left hand or right. Yes, this time it's the old example of what happens when people welcome the save rather than face the consequence, but a tulip is still just a flower and the longer the stem the more easily it breaks.

The markets are showing an increasing burden to keep it up, day in and day out, yet the institutions are compelled to buy and are driven by the same fear. It's being displayed in the attitude of many traders and many voters; anything for a gain, positive or green outcome is good; anything with loss, negative or red is temporary to be fixed soon by ... Bernanke, the Fed, President Obama, IMF, or European Union. In the end, we will collapse into it, depression, or out of it, inflation, because the delicate balance is teetering with us for balance but not with us as controlling individuals.

Question then becomes whether we are able to take control of ourselves again and the answer is "yes" if we are willing to take consequences because only then will we be able to gain strength, turn the tables and put the government under our thumbs again.

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