Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Daily Note - Parent's Rights

I don't know why we think, as parents, that we have something to do with our children's achievements when they become adults. It comes from perhaps the congratulations we get along the way while raising our children because whenever they achieve something growing up, we too get congratulated as job well done about instilling some good habit or behavior. Once they leave the nest, however, that right leaves with them and what they achieve is totally in their own hands therefore all congratulations and responsibility and pride belongs to them.

There is only one right parents retain and that is the right to boast. It's something we hang onto which is akin to giving encouragement that used to be expressed via a pat on the head, a "good job", a "way to go", a smile of approval or a congratulatory hug. So using that right once more, I boast:

No, I didn't go to Mars, in a way my son did, because he is a digital illustrator and he worked on the layout team of this Motion Picture. Perhaps though, the more fun part of the story is that since he was little he had to endure my love of illustrated films especially around holidays. Like a child, I watch them so it's especially fun that he worked on a film of a story by one of my top favorite author/illustrators: Berkeley Breathed of Bloom Country fame. Opus and Bill characters always bring a smile on my face and of course my favorite Christmas story ( well okay, one of) " A Wish for Wings That Work". If you have children or like me, like to bring the magic back into your life, watch his magic work on you with messages that will always be true.

So today instead of musical notes, spend a few minutes laughing and feeling good and be sure to see "Mars Needs Moms" too this Holiday Season.

Happy Trading, Living and Danc...Laughing

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